Nancy M.
Dr ratanake is a wonderful and spend my ch more time with her patients I recommend her as she mic more time than most doctors

Brian G.
Spent enough time to explain what the possible treatment could be not rushed very caring and concerned certainly recommend her to anyone needing pain management

Sally E.
I hope I can keep this woman as my Dr! I am in awe of her dr. Toseky was so thorough and asked so many appointment questions that it was very pleasant this woman knew what she was doing and besides that she took her training at a hospital I am very familiar with in the University of Minnesota and she just asked me so many questions about my back I had had surgery on my back and I started making up a plan of what she was going to do for me and I felt very blessed to tell you the truth! To tell you what it felt like to be tested like she cared. I can’t wait to see what she is going to do God bless you all Sally E

Brenda B.
I find this doctor to be very understanding and caring but I wish she had an easier name to pronounce and spell LOL

Kathy S.
Didn’t rush me. Explained everything and answered all my questions.

Paul M.
Dr. Ratnayake always listens and addresses my questions and concerns in a thoughtful and understandable manner. Up to date on new procedures and thinks out of the box.

Laurie L.
I’ve seen several doctors for pain management but none of them came close to the help I’ve received from Dr. Ratnayake. She is so quietly amazing at what she does. She is kind. She listens, never makes you feel rushed and genuinely wants to help. She is so knowledgeable about exactly what course of action to take to resolve pain issues. She is the only doctor you need if you want help with pain. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Michael D.
As a new patient of Dr. Ratnayake I was Sooo positively impressed with my first appointment yesterday. As a cancer fighter I have seen around 50 Doctors in the past 5+ years and have not been this impressed. Dr. Ratnayake is so genuine and competent I left her office with such a rejuvenated, positive, and hopeful feeling I just wanted to give her a shout-out, and let people know that not all Doctors all been crushed by our profit based Healthcare system. If you need help with your pain, SEE THIS DOCTOR! the healing begins immediately, and that’s a great feeling. Thank you Dr. Ratnayake. 🙂

Jesse K.
Dr. Ratnayake listens intently to your needs and goals with pain relief and gives you numerous options, so you can make an informed decision as a respected patient. She is an excellent communicator, and most importantly she genuinely cares! I walked out of her office with hope…

John F.
As always, Dr Ratnayake was very helpful during our teleconference. She listened to my issues concerning the duration of my pain relief based on my existing medication and offered some options to consider that may lead to longer lasting relief. We will discuss my understanding of those options at our next visit.I always feel very comfortable in discussing my pain issues with Dr Ratnayake because she listens -which I have not always found to be the case with other physicians.

Gerald A.
Dr. Ratnayake is very professional and knowledgeable. She was attentive and recommended a proceedure that would take care of my back issues and if necessary an additional proceedure. I feel very confident that she is highly qualified.

Lorenzo L.
Excelente atención

Kris H.
The doctor is concerned with the ”whole person ”. Not just the physical well being, but all aspects that contribute to the patient’s health. Even the spouse’s health weighs in on a person’s we’ll being.

Anita R.
Dr. Ratnayake is a caring professional who actually listens and informs. I never mind any medical procedure if the doc tells me what’s going to happen and what to expect. Dr. Ratnayake does just that, and I have full confidence in her skill and her caring.

Robert L.
Dr. Ratnayake has been excellent in being able to decrease the amount of back pain I have experienced for three years. She listens and excels in deciding what needs to occur to try to rectify the situation.

Nancy M.
Dr Ratanake is spends much more time with me than most doctors. She is very thorough and is very personable. So happy that she opened her own practice!